We believe in nurturing and encouraging students to achieve their full potential. We have some simple guidelines to ensure that all students receive the maximum benefits from the course(s).


  1. All courses are mainly taught in English with some Cantonese.
  2. All course materials and handouts are in English.
  3. All courses are part-time programmes purely for the students’ enrichment, based on interactive teaching such as seminars, workshops and occasional class excursion.


  1. Classes start on time. Please be punctual to minimize class disruption.
  2. Please refrain from eating or drinking in the classroom.
  3. All mobile phones and recording devices must be switched off during the class.
  4. No part of the course may be photographed or videotaped unless prior approval is obtained.
  5. Students should not leave the class early unless prior approval is obtained from the course lecturer.
  6. Please arrive early if you wish to discuss the class content with the course lecturer.
  7. Good conduct is expected of all students. This includes cheerful cooperation amongst students and lecturers, courteous behavior towards one another and being honest.


  1.  Tropical Cyclone Signal 8 is hoisted or the Black rainstorm warning is in force, classes will be suspended.
  2. If the Hong Kong Observatory announces that the Tropical Cyclone Signal 8 will likely to be issued within the next two hours, classes will be suspended.
  3. The Academy will make effort to notify students by phone/email if any classes are suspended due to inclement weather. If unsure, please call 2869 4221.