Diploma in Event Management

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Lecturer: Pia Kwan

Whether an event is organized by professionals or volunteers, corporations or nonprofit
associations, event management is both an art and a science. As events become more diverse, dynamic and are increasingly attracting the involvement and support of government and private sector, a need for systematic management method
that are accountable and measurable should be applied.

This course presents a comprehensive overview of the event industry and addresses key
event management processes associated with the creation, conduct and delivery of
corporate, public and private events. This also provides students with a valuable
overview of the event industry with specific components that include organizing and coordinating; leadership: planning, evaluating and controlling; human resources (or
staffing); financing; and marketing. Event management also includes the functions of
programming and event production which combine creativity with operational skills.

On completion of the course, students should be able to:
- understand how to communicate with a client
- source sponsors and write sponsorship letters
- create a budget plan
- prepare a human resource plan for short-term staff or volunteers
- write a risk management plan
- market the event
- implement an actual event applying the concept of logistics , ticketing , communication, attendee and supplier management

Classes will have a minimum of 12 students and maximum of 25 students.

Course Fee: TBC


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