Chinese Wedding Customs Course has officially begun!

Instructed by Mrs. Leung the professional ‘Dai Kum Jie’, Chines Wedding Customs Course has officially begun. During the first two lessons, Mrs. Leung discussed with students some traditional wedding customs, such as ‘betrothal’  (過大禮) and ‘bridal bed installation’  (安床). Although Chinese traditional wedding customs involve manifold details and rigorous specifications, thanks to Mrs. Leung’s comprehensive notes, all the content was clear at a glance. Moreover, impromptu demonstrations of wedding ceremonies and display of wedding materials often took place in class to strengthen students’ impression of the relevant content.

Mrs. Leung is amiable and loves to interact with students, sharing her experiences as Dai Kum Jie. She hopes that these traditional customs can be passed down continuously. She is also responsive to all kinds of questions, making her most popular with students.

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